Phil Humphries is a martial arts writer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA.

Phil is a lifelong martial arts practitioner with black belts in karate and kempo. Phil currently practices Kinetekan Karate and Yang Style Taijiquan.

Phil Humphries is a retired CIA officer, Navy and Army National Guard veteran, a former police sergeant and SWAT officer.

Phil and his wife live in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin metropolitan area with their two Cockatiel parrots. You can message Phil via his Facebook page – Phil Humphries, Author and message him @ martialartswriter on FB Msgr

Phil is working on a second novel–his first, published in 2013, is available on Amazon – “Legend of the Four Dragons Sword.”

Phil is a contributing writer for Concealed Carry Magazine and for KungFuMagazine.Com

Martial Arts Lineage (partial):

Kinetekan Karate – Roger Salick, Sensei

Bushido Kempo – Gary Dill, Shodai

Seieikan Karate USKS – Dr. Jim Thomas, Sensei

Phil’s multi-discipline professional background includes technical operations officer and security officer at CIA with multiple overseas deployments.

Phil served as a Counterintelligence Special Agent with the Army Guard and as a command criminal investigator with the US Navy.

Phil’s police career included patrol operations, sergeant, major crimes detective, undercover drug task force detective and SWAT.

Phil has been a private detective, internet radio DJ and theatrical stagehand.


@martialartswriter on FB Msgr

@phil3017 on Twitter


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